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Tavolini Floors Company invites dealers, designers, architects, builders and all lovers of beauty to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Working with us you will receive:

  • The high European quality standards in compliance with environmental standards.
  • A wide product range of natural flooring (a wide range of decors, species, colors, types of wood processing).
  • More than 1000 designs of modular flooring and other artistic compositions.
  • A high degree of support for the project at all stages.
  • Developing a free floor design projects for our partners, of any level of complexity, in consideration of the smallest features of the interior. This may be an adaptation to the production of your sketches or design project «from scratch» in accordance with all your wishes.
  • Technical support of the installation of floor coverings (if necessary), guidances and advices, installation supervision, training of installers with complex types of flooring.
  • Project dumping protection.
  • Reasonable prices and favorable conditions of cooperation for Partners.



«Tavolini» offers a wide selection of European high quality hardwood floors. The product range of more than 70 decors of solid and engineered floorboards with a different styles, treatments and design. These floors naturally fit into the various interior styles — from «Classic» to «Country» character, from the «Modern» to «Provence chic».


«Chevron» laying was appeared centuries ago in France. The first samples of this styling occurred in the XVI century, and written mentions of it are found in the description of the Palace of Versailles. Today «chevron» is at the peak of popularity again: its elegant beauty captivated many countries worldwide.


The «LehoFloors» — it’s an innovative idea of hardwood floor coverings. It’s a set of solid oak parquet boards and solid harringbone (chevron) planks with the different lengths and colors, which combination allows to create an individual artistic patterns on the floor.

For the dealer’s and customer’s convenience we composed 119 interesting schemes (patterns), which are demonstrated on our website and catalogs. You can also create your own pattern!

There are 21 available decors&colors, so in each pattern you can combine 2, 3 or even more colors of wood, making an individual, unique floor covering.

Totally 119 patterns with a different color combinations of planks allows to create about 23,000 designs of hardwood floor.

Modular parquet

Modular parquet by Tavolini Floors — it is 7 Collections and different styles of patterned floor panels starting from the simple geometric forms to a complex patterns, inlaid with gems, metal, marble and ceramics, with all kinds of surface treatment — brushed, sawn, scraped, artificially aged, etc.

Custom manufacturing of modular parquet floors according to your sketches.

Dimensions: from 200*200mm up to 1045*1045mm, custom dimensions available by request.

Finishing: varnish, oil-wax, unfinished

Surface treatment available: brushed or smooth, wooden pins, artificial aging, sawing, scraping, artificial wormholes, etc.

Bevels: without bevels or 4-sides beveled

Species: oak, walnut, acacia, thermo-wood and combination of several species and materials

Artistic parquet flooring

Brand «Tavolini» offers a huge selection of mass-produced art parquet in a different styles and attractive terms of cooperation. We use more than 50 species of wood to create beautiful patterns. Also an individual selection of the wood species according to the customer’s wishes is accepted.

The combination of different technological processes and methods of manufacturing: mechanical, electro-mechanical (CNC), hand-cutting and some other technologies make possible to produce hardwood patterns of any complexity and any size.

High accuracy of factory cutting and joining all elements of parquet pattern enables to provide a quality installation without special skills in the shortest possible time.

Tavolini Floors also offers parquet flooring, inlayed with copper, stainless steel, brass, bronze, onyx, amber, marble, ceramic tiles and other materials.

Individual development of parquet flooring design projects by specialists of Tavolini Design Studio is accepted. Our flooring designers will emphasize the exclusive component of your interior and help to express client’s individual style.

Tavolini Wood Carpets

The patterns of these unique artistic parquet floors replicates a real Eastern Carpets of 7 the most recognized Weaving schools in the World.

Some of these Carpets are the historical heritage of Eastern peoples, their originals kept in museums and elite private collections around the world.

Wood Carpets are made from different wood species and could be manufactured under the individual sizes by the customer’s wishes with maximum preservation of the proportions and pattern of the Original Carpet.


«Tavolini» represents unique artistic hardwood floors, inlaid with translucent stones and amber with installed backlights and musical accompaniment. Custom product. Please watch the video and contact us for details.