Oferta / Pałacowy parkiet

Tavolini Floors offers a huge selection of mass-produced art parquet in different styles and attractive terms of cooperation. We use more than 50 species of wood to create beautiful patterns. An individual selection of the wood species according to the customer’s wishes is accepted as well.

The combination of different technological processes and methods of manufacturing — mechanical, electro-mechanical (CNC), hand-cutting and some other technologies — makes possible to produce hardwood patterns of any complexity and any size.

High accuracy of factory cutting and joining all elements of parquet pattern enables to provide a quality installation without special skills in the shortest possible time.

Tavolini Floors also offers parquet flooring, inlayed with copper, stainless steel, brass, bronze, onyx, amber, marble, ceramic tiles and other materials.

Individual development of parquet flooring design projects by specialists of Tavolini Design Studio is accepted. Our flooring designers will emphasize the exclusive component of your interior and help to express client’s individual style.

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